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Wondering what craft tools, products, and services Laura, Lindsay, and Beth think are the BEST for us makers? Come into our craft rooms and see what we use to create the beautiful crafts and DIY projects you see on the Team Creative Crafts blog!

These are a Few of our Favorite Things!

Part of the fun of being a craft blogger is working with brands who let you try out their products. While some of them are amazing and we wonder how we ever lived without them, some definitely go in the box at the back of the craft room, never to see the light of day again. So we thought we would help you wade through the flood of craft supply products and share our most essential, tried, and true craft supplies that every craft room needs. These are all the tools, materials, and products that we use on a regular basis. We think highly enough of these brands to recommend them to you!

Beth’s Favorites

I love to tackle anything creative and hope that you will come with me on this colorful journey. I am a maker at heart and I am happiest when I am being creative with my favorite peeps – YOU!

Markers and Pens

Tombow Dual Brush Pens come in a rainbow of 108 colors and have been a favorite supply of mine for well over 15 years! They are versatile and easy to use, and it’s so fun to think outside of the traditional methods for application with these water-based pens that feature a bullet tip on one end and a large brush tip on the other. The MONO Twin Permanent Marker has an extra fine tip and a bullet tip. Both offer the versatility of two pens in one, which is why they are both on my must-have list! Whether it’s inking in free printables like this Rainbow Quote Wall Art, water coloring a hand-drawn Floral Globe, or teaching y’all how to doodle and color Owls for Bookmarks, Tombow USA has it all including this expandable storage case!

Favorite Craft Supplies Tombow Dual Brush Pens Expending Storage Case is perfect for on the go crafting Creatively Beth #teamcreativecrafts #tombow #dualbrushpens #monotwin #creativelybeth #favorite #craft #supplies

Acrylic Craft Paint

DecoArt Americana acrylic craft paints, brushes, and mediums have been a favorite of mine since high school, so that’s going back a couple of years – LOL! Paint is royalty when it comes to craft supplies and is an absolute must-have for your stash. Whether you use paint to add details, give simple pop of color, or accent the easiest kid’s craft, a variety of acrylic craft paints has so many uses! I’m partial to Americana Acrylics from DecoArt, which I’ve used to create a Faux Tin Farmhouse Finish,  make Easy Clay Pot Apples with the kiddos, whip up Rainbow Paint Pour Rocks for the garden, and add a personal touch to a Stenciled Floral Tray!

Laura’s Favorites

Lindsay’s Favorites

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Beth, Lindsay, and Laura – AKA – Team Creative Crafts